Remember our combat veterans

Post-traumatic Stress and a new generation of veterans

What is post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Describing post traumatic stress in combat veterans

Describing post traumatic stress in combat veterans

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

Spousal Post-traumatic stress and effects on families and friends

What are the symptoms of post-traumatic stress

What are the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress

Treatment Methods for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Misdiagnosis of PTSD as another preexisting disorder is becoming used by DoD doctors to discharge military personal with no outside benefits

Remember the females supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future
Females See Action

shortchanging our combat veterans

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

How Personal health is affected by post traumatic stress disorder

National Service Organizations that help veterans with ptsd

Personal experiences with the Department of Veterans Affairs

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

Religious and Spiritual Alienation caused by ptsd

With PTSD a little humor must shine!

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Always Remember our heroic combat veterans

Three Soldiers/airmen since the start of the conflict in Iraq (1991) is still listed as Missing in Action. 84,000 MIA since World War I One was found from the 1st Gulf War... still have two now Missing

This is a new web page that brings many resources (Remember why I chose dot net?) and information together on one page to remember soldiers, events and from our past experiences of war. It also has some humor because life is difficult enough without some humor about combat. Some people will not understand the gist of it but there are times when humor is all we have in a bad situation!

medal_of_honor showing all branches of military service

Let us honor at least a few of MANY!

  1. An old gentleman with problems!
  2. Salvatore Giunta ~Living Afghan War Vet Medal of Honor
  3. Robert James Miller ~Medal of Honor
  4. Jason Dunham ~Medal of Honor
  5. Woodrow Wilson Keeble ~ Medal of Honor
  6. Sgt. Jared Monti ~ Medal of Honor
  7. McGinnis ~Medal of Honor
  8. Michael P.Murphy ~Medal of Honor
  9. Michael A. Monsoor ~Medal of Honor
  10. First woman to receive the Silver Star since World War II
  11. Reading her story should make us all aware that in combat... everyone is a player!
  12. The POW Pledge Of Allegiance -Truth!
  13. Always remembering September 11, 2001 (9/11) Why was this date chosen?.
  14. Navy SEAL Neal Roberts
  15. Already in Hell,' He Just Kept Going'

Ben Stein's last column "Monday Night At Morton's."

If you would like to learn more about this web site Truth or Fiction. Many people are involved with researching many stories posted on the web!


  1. Christmas at Arlington National Cemetery!
  2. Showing respect! (A great image and brief story)
  3. A last night together!
  4. North Korea Warns it may Stop Returning Remains
  5. A Veteran's Christmas: Not always the best
  6. What is a Veteran?
  7. Every young person should see this. [YouTube video]
  8. Final Inspection
  9. Season's Greetings from a Falklands War vet!

Let us Learn!

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